Before You Submit Projects...

Test your site

  • make sure all links work
  • check site with different browsers
  • test it on another computer

Proof your work

  • check for typos in your content. Is the font size and colour easy to read from the background
  • have another person give it a look- this really helps
  • check for errors in code
  • double check technical specifications of the project


  • does your project achieve the project criteria
  • does the colour palette work, does it follow the principles of colour theory
  • does the layout work, does it follow the principles of composition


  • ensure good image quality (not blurred or grainy). Do not scale up bitmap imagery. Use an appropriate amount of compression applied in Save for Web
  • images should be cropped and scaled to the intended size and resolution (72 pixels/inch) when exporting images, not scaled by HTML
  • use intended background colour when making gif image transparent to background

File organization / Process website

  • test your links!
  • don't use spaces or special characters in file or folder names
  • use naming convention for main project folder
  • images should be in a folder called images
  • only images used in the img tags should be in the images folder (no process imagery such as illustrator or photoshop files)
  • follow a logical folder structure, similar to one shown in class

Validate your HTML

  • upload your files to Digital locker
  • Go to and input your URL
  • See what comes up and go back and fix things.

Common errors to look out for:

  • make sure tags are in the right part of the HTML document: style, title, link are in the head and content based tags (img, div) in the body
  • name your document by replacing the default Untitled Document in title tag
  • all image tags must contain an alt tag, width and height
  • if you open a paired tag it must be closed, also must not have extraneous close tags without a paired opening tag. Watch out for duplicate opening paired tags
  • while not an error, move to using an updated version of the break tag <br ⁄> rather than <br>
  • also for image tags, end with with ⁄> rather than just > for eg.
    <img src="x.jpg" width="5" height="5" alt="x" ⁄>