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Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point from Bonsajo on Vimeo.

After looking into this, it turns out it wasn't created in processing, but it definitely seems like something that could inspire or have been inspired by processing. Check out Bonsajo's vimeo page for more of their work.

Brownian Motion

Brownian motion with processing from Pedro M Cruz on Vimeo.

Hey guys,
I was just surfing the web to look for some inspiration, and came across this really cool video that was created on Processing! I'm not sure if you have seen it, so I am posting it up for anyone who is interested~ also, if you guys want to check out more complex and intriguing work done on Processing, go to this website: Creative Applications . Enjoy~ :)

Complexification - Jared Tarbell

external image binaryNetwork.gif

This site was founded by programmer Jared Tarbell, it features his work done in processing, it's quite beautiful. He also invites visitors to view his code, experiment with it, and even asks that you share your results after! If you ever need inspiration, it's an awesome site to check out.


Artist: Glenn Marshall

Metamorphosis from Glenn Marshall on Vimeo.

Offf Catalogue '08

Artist: Matthias D.
Processing for Print Pieces
external image 592011204395370.jpg

An example of a print piece created initially in processing and than brought into photoshop and illustrator (postproduction). The designer, Matthias D. who created this typographic piece for Offf Catalogue 08 not only uses processing for print pieces, but for animations as well.

Open Processing
A community that allows people to upload and share their sketches, also to view others for inspiration, critique, help, etc.

Video Tutorials

Processing tutorials on Youtube if anyone is needed.