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Ads of the World
if you're into advertising design, this is a great website to see all the different ads around the world.



A website dedicated to helpful typography and grid articles, cool examples, and inspirational links. What more can you ask for? Be sure to check out the inspiration tab it has a butt load of interesting design websites to spark your creativity.

Colour Palette Inspiration!
If you're stuck deciding a colour palette to use for anything design-related, Kuler by Adobe can be a very useful tool. This site contains endless colour inspiration that have been created and shared by users. You can search the Most Popular, the Highest Rated or the Newest palettes. Give it a try!!

Cool Design Ideas + Concepts


This Blog features really cool and innovative designs from different perspectives. From music, to architecture, to gadgets, this blog has every kind of design (and is definitely worth checking out!)

Design Sojourn


This Blog doesn't necessarily have the coolest links or the most interesting designs, but if you don't mind doing a bit of reading, Design Sojourn has really inspiring articles. The blog is more directed towards the industrial design crowd, but since lots of the articles are about practice and design thinking, they relate to graphic design as well.
Somewhere to get started: check out Spaces for Ideas: The Beginning where D.T(the writer) is trying to design a better sketchbook. or notes from The Iscid World Design Congress 2009 , where a number of the top designers discuss various topics related to where design is headed.

Fudge Graphics


Fudge Graphics offers a very small selection of stock brushes, textures, vectors, and tutorials that you can easily do yourself at home but it makes up for it with the sharp graphic designs and graphic illustrations in its inspiration section. The uniqueness of this site is that it showcases young talent from across the world in interviews. Something to check up on when the drive is low.

Graphic Spaces

This book looks at the emerging trend of using three dimensional techniques in graphic design (posters, websites, magazine covers, animated films). There are lots of examples from a variety of artists who uses still life objects (clay, clothes, banana, fabric, animals!?), also interactive typography, and putting all of this in motion with animated film. It's available in the York library.

Hubero Kororo: Random CD Artwork Cover

PAPPELTALKS from vizage on Vimeo.

This is a CD cover designed by Jaroslav Juřica from Hubero Kororo for musician Ivan Palacký's album Pappeltalks. This is what happens when you combine design and interactivity! When you peel off the strip at the side of the CD, it releases an ink packet which displays funky purple patterns on the front of the album. Because of that, no covers will be the same. Everyone will have different colour blotches! See here for more photos of the album.


"An animated GIF paranoia about nonstop design workers"



This website is about the artwork of Jared Nickerson, a freelance illustrator. He has his own studio and specializes in video game, textile, and character design, and much more. His portfolio is pretty interesting. Enjoy.

Non Format Design
design studio who explores and plays around with typography

Media Militia

The tutorials (typography and effects) and inspiration in Media Militia is worth looking into. The styles range from retro to futuristic and there are tons of inspirational designs per update. The one thing is that it doesn't focus only on Graphic Design, branching into photography and illustration, but they are stunning nonetheless.

Typophile neat website for type reference and helpful discussion board.


!5 + 1 bonus design portfolio inspiration

This site gives 16 portfolios that can be very inspirational towards future ideas. There are 16 portfolios with external links to the designers' personal website where all their works are located.

York/Sheridan Design Grad Show 2010