A list of people (designers, artists, and others) that are inspiring. Include some background information, an image and a link.

Chip Kidd
.. some interesting posters and other work on his website!

(i also thought this was an interesting poster concept)

Dieter Rams

Ten Commandments of Good Design
Although this list is meant for industrial design, many of these apply to web design
external image Braun-RT-20.jpg?5d4042e


Ben Van Dyke
this is the guy who came here on Wednesday. (March 10th, 2010)


Adam R Garcia
external image 63_0002soundsetlogo-1.jpg
Adam R. Garcia is an art director, graphic designer and an illustrator. His portfolio is diversified and fascinating.
Also check out his blog for more inspiration!

Archan Nair

Visual Artist/Art Director/Illustrator/Designer
Archan Nair works out of New Delhi, India. He's designed for numerous well-known companies including Canon, Sony, Vogue and Microsoft, with a unique mixed media style. Archan's blend of fine art and digital media in his pieces is intricate, inspiring, and incredible. Check out his gallery for sure.

Brian Banton
You've probably seen him around york, and some of you like me have him as a prof for design and image... If you haven't seen this on the york website, here it is. His work is getting some well deserved recognition.... check out his stuff.


Cody Hudson

Graphic Designer/Artist
An elevator mural for Burton Snowboards office in Tokyo, Japan. 2005

Cody Hudson is the face behind Struggle Inc. Both his commercial and personal works are distinctive in style. He uses a lot of simple, organic shapes with robust and bright colours. His medium ranges from drawings to murals, installations, to large scale commissions from the city of Chicago for public art projects. He has also designed book covers, logos, album covers and posters for a variety of clients.

Concrete Design Communications

Concrete was founded in 1988 by John Pylypczak and Diti Katona. It's a Toronto design practice that provides many design services including website design. Check out their website to view their portfolio:


Ed Fella

... since we're working on a collage-y exercise, i thought these Ed Fella pieces were really quite interesting to use as inspiration.

Frank Chimero

Frank Chimero is a designer who focuses on design thinking, and other little things in life. He collects these thoughts in a collection called "Ethos". He's also made inspirational design poster that are really interesting to look at and sometimes humorous. Check out his website and also his flickr!

Paul Budnitz and Kidrobot

"President and founder of Kidrobot, the world's premiere creator of art toys, fashion apparel and accessories."

Budnitz studied photography, sculpture, and film at Yale University, earning honors and a degree in Art in 1990. He immediately became attracted to the vinyl and plastic toys coming out of China and Japan which mixed together various aesthetic movements such as fashion, cartoons, graffiti, comics, music and fine art. His keen aesthetic and love of global popular culture spurred his unexpected turn into toy making. In 2002, Budnitz invested all of his money and time into opening Kidrobot, a company which now can be found in retailers such as Barneys New York, as well as various other high end retailers world-wide. Budnitz has also co-designed all of Kidrobot's retail stores and the Kidrobot Room bar within Peter Gatien's CIRCA mega-nightclub in Toronto. In late 2006 he authored the book I AM PLASTIC: The Designer Toy Explosion, published by Harry Abrams Press.

external image FloweryElectricAngelPrint_large_image1_968.jpg
Kidrobot creates and sells limited edition art, toys, apparel and accessories aiming to exemplify cutting edge pop art and mass culture. Often collaborating with brands such as Marc Jacobs, Barneys New York, Burton, Nike and Lacoste amongst others, Kidrobot toys are extremely rare, as series are only released from a few hundred to a few thousand pieces. In this quest, Kidrobot have boosted artists such as Frank Kozik, Tim Biskup, Huck Gee, Joe Ledbetter, Tristan Eaton, Paul Budnitz, and Tara McPherson; the German design collective eBoy; Japan's Devilrobots & Mad Barbarians; French street artists Tilt & Mist; the UK's TADO and ilovedust; Australia's Nathan Jurevicius; Argentina's DOMA; to status. In 2007, The Museum of Modern Art, NY (MoMA) acquired 13 Kidrobot toys to its permanent collection.

external image TotemDoppelganger3Packbr3InchWhiteEdition_large_image1_4711.jpg external image DunnyFataleSeriesbr3Inch_large_image1_8618.jpg external image AutoStripedEd_large_image1_6580.jpg

Paul Sych |

Alright, I'm sure everyone's already heard of Paul Sych~ Paul is a professor in our Design program here at York, and I first knew about his website through Brian Banton, my Design and Image prof. And when I viewed Paul's works, I found his designs to be absolutely exquisite. Paul works beautifully with typography in his design, and if you have never been to his site, I encourage everyone to do so. Here is a link to his website: Alright, Enjoy~

Josef Muller-Brockmann

Josef Muller was a Swiss designer and teacher. Here are just a couple of the posters he designed!
muller-brockmann.jpg Josef-Müller-Brockmann-poster2.jpg

David Fung




The 4th year students of our YSDN program are having a grad show on APRIL 18-21, 2010.
As part of their promotion, they have launched this website that shows the development and planning of the grad show, student interviews, etc.
They showcase the students in the graduating class, where each student displays a couple of their works, as well as linking to their personal portfolio sites.
It's interesting to see the wide variety of work and even how it is displayed on the students' personal websites.

Good for inspiration/portfolio ideas/a look into our future!