Generating Text

For any of you who want to generate text in your sketches the procedure I have come to follow is as such:

1. Access the "Tools" tab on the menu bar and click "Create Font"

2. Choose one from the list of your computers fonts.

3. Save it as your desired title. (This loads the font style to the sketch's data folder for later use. The data folder can be accessed in the Sketch Tab, or by hitting Command+K

4. To load the actual font in your sketch code, your syntax should be as follows:

PFont font;
font = loadFont("fontName");
this loads the desired font for use

5. To generate text with your newly chosen font style, the following commands can be implemented:

sets font size
textFont (font,18);

generates desired text, the co-ordinates x & y determine the top left corner for the text's placement
text("desired text, anything you want", 22,80);

Thats all I know so far, add more if you wish.

Enjoy the ability of lingual communication!