Processing Links

Processing: A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists

by Casey Reas and Ben Fry
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Learn Processing
A website that offers tutorials and examples for processing.

CSS, HTML, and Typography Links


Fun background pattern generator.

Box Model

The box model allows us to place a border around elements and space elements in relation to other elements such as margins, boarders, padding, and content


Colour Scheme Generator

Colour Schemer

Colour Schemer

CSS Tricks

Da Font

Doctype Tutorial

Useful tutorial to understand and set up doctype in you HTML

Font Squirrel

A plug-in for Firefox that allow users to change the HTML or CSS of the website they are viewing. Sort of like Dreamweaver and it's preview function. You're not really changing the actual file, but just the appearance via the browser. This is a good tool to use for critiques, you can test out your suggestions before giving it!

Free Textures

Free Stock Photos on the Web

A list of websites that provide free high-quality stock photos for FREE! Good for almost any project! :)

Google Analytics

Site for getting information on your website (Ex. How many people visit, who visits, etc.)


creates a grid that you can use to visualize your layouts before creating them for the web

HTML dog

HTML and CSS tutorials


jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development.

Mood Boards

Site which describes what and how to create different types of Mood Boards


Lets you flip through, preview and compare web typography while retrieving the CSS


Site for checking any errors or warnings found in your website

W3 Schools

Stuck on a certain code? W3 Schools has the answers in HTML, CSS, Java, and more!

Web Page Analyzer

Just enter the URL of your website and it'll caculate the page size and how fast your website loads (they test it with various internet speed), and offer suggestions on how to optimize your website (through image size compression or condensing HTML files/codes).

Web Typography

A practical guide to web typography


Wireframes is a site that goes into detail about different processes involved in web design (sitemaps, prototypes, user journey, etc.)

DIY stuff


DIY tutorials on literally EVERYTHING


fashion related DIY tutorials


Just a brief description as to what they are and how to make them =]