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If there are any questions about the the projects, course, interactivity, etc., post them here.



Q: For project 2, how do you slice the boxes in illustrator?
A: You can use the knife tool in Photoshop and then save for web devices.
Q: For project 2.4 what is meant my 'non-linear' fashion?
A: It means that they don't go in a straight line when you click on each link so there may be multiple links on each page that each lead to a different layout.
Q: Are we allowed to copy bits of code off of the processing website? (i.e. how to create a gradient because it's way to long to create on my own)
A: YES, of course!! copying is good as long as you UNDERSTAND what you're doing and you add something of your own.
Q: No matter how many times I try, I can't seem to connect to the digital locker on my Vista. Any help?
A: Hi! The answer got a little bit too long and it didn't fit the box, so I've made a page about how to connect from a PC to digital locker. Hope it helps!
Q: How to upload to digital locker?
-instead of saving "File > Export For Web"
-locate the applet folder for your file
-place in your digital locker folder (not your personal folder, the course folder)

digital locker > course groups > 1006Mw10 > YOUR LAB > YOUR FOLDER (first initial, last name)

Go to "Digital Locker" for more information.
Q: For exercise 2, are we supposed to use repetition to create a pattern AND create a sound?
No actual sound ...visualize the sound as an image. Listen to a sound or series of sounds and develop different patterns that represent those sounds.
Q: So I was trying to create an area to review and discuss the course readings, but I ended up deleting the page of class notes! I can't find any 'history' button to undo this. Does anyone know how to get that back?
A: Problem Solved. In the future, go to Recent Changes on the left sidebar, find the page you were editing from the list of recent changes, and select the version that you want to go back to. and click 'revert'.
Q: heyy does anyone know how to make a counter stop countign after a certain point? thanks alot!
A: I'm not sure in what situation you want to make a counter but a counter for the draw(); command will be something like this:
float c = 0;
void draw(){
so the command / looping will stop after 10 times.
hope this helps?
Q. I'm having trouble adding sound to the processing. It wont let me add the file 'sound' file explaining how to do sound from lab 3 on on my home computer I think it's because I have a pc? Is there anyway the link can be set up so it can be for both mac and pc?

Q. Does anyone know what we are supposed to do for the feedback part of this week? Where are we supposed to post our feedback? I thought that it was supposed to be in the discussion board but I don't see anyone else posting. Thanks!
A. Each Wiki Page has its very own discussion board. So to critique someone else's work simply go to the page with their project being displayed and then click the Discussion at the top. This is where you can start your feedback on their work. :)
Q: So I was wondering if anyone could please remind me on how to get the squares for project 2 to change when we click on them!
A. add <a href="title_of_page.html"> </a> to make a link to a new page.
so it would look something like
<div class="box1">
<a href="pagetitle.html">
<img src = "images/colour.gif">
Q: okay so im done my first page and i put in the above step that was just answered but how do the 2 pages link? /how do i link them. when i play my page the button for next works, i can click it and it would lead me to a new page but theres nothing on that new page, so i was wondering how do i attach my first page to my sedond one? and make it link to eachother.
A: Once you add the link in your html document, you need to indicate the page you want it to link to. So after
<a href = "index2.html">
and than close the </div>
make sure that the link is formatted that way and it should work.
Q: does anyone know how to make the images for the magazine assignment to appear larger on either css or html?
A: you do it in html pages
<img class="b t" src="../assets/rez_200.jpg" width="400" height="400" />

A: Or you can do it in CSS
(html) <image class = "size" src="LINK" />
width: 100px;
height: 100px;
Q: how do you do rollover for project 2 exercise 3?
A: Posted in HTML/CSS TIPS
Q: Does anyone know if there is a way to download a full version of CSSEdit? The trial version has a 2500 character maximum.
A: I don't know of a way to download the full version, but what I have been doing if I can't make it into the studio right away is copying bits of the code (usually the top) that aren't as important and pasting them into a text document so that I do not lose what I have already done but can continue working on the code. Then I can put it all together once I am in the studio again and can fix up anything that needs realigned/rearranged. This is kind of a pain but it is a good temporary solution! If anyone does know a way to download the full version please post it as well! :)

Alternative: Or you can split up your CSS codes into two or more files, you'll just have to link them up to your HTML codes just like the first one. I separate my CSS for layouts and Images so it's easier to work with.
Q: is there anyway to have a text rollover with an image?
A: You can try this, I added a border to the div box so you can see how big it is. It basically pushes the text away from the Div box so it won't show and adds a background image when hover.


    width: 100px;
    height: 50px;
    overflow: hidden;
    border-style: solid;
    text-indent: 100px;
    background-image: url(IMAGE URL);

<div class="rollover_img">
<a href="http://www.google.com">
Q: how do you make a link that when you hover over an image, text shows?
Hi! CSS can only control the appearance aspect of a website, but not the actual content (i.e., text). The only way you can get around that is maybe in photoshop, write the text and export it as an image file for rollover.
I asked my professor and he told me the codes! I will put them up on HTML/CSS TIPS *it''s called Disjoint Rollover*
Q: Does anyone happen to know how to angle images/text in CSS/HTML??
After a little investigating i have found the code! Simply insert the code below into your css file inside the div class (whether it be text or an image) that you wish to alter. Change the rotation degrees to your desire between 1 and 360. For IE i don't think it's as simple (for precise measuring that is) but you can change the rotation to values 0,1,2,3 ( 0, 90, 180, 270 respectively).

Someone correct me if I'm wrong on the IE part. But this should work. I doubt you'll be rotating you text or image to some insane degree anyway. Good luck~
/* for firefox, safari, chrome, etc. */
**-webkit-transform**: rotate(-90deg);
**-moz-transform**: rotate(-90deg);
/* for ie */
filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.**BasicImage**(**rotation**=3);