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CS5: Content-Aware Fill Sneak Peek

Chris F. posted this on YSDN group page..and I felt like EVERYONE need to check this out.
so here you go, enjoy!

Globalization and The Information Age

If you really thought at the end of four years of university that you would be moving into a career and stability for the rest of your life, consider this video.

This video demonstrates the speed at which the world is changing. If we wish to reach out to the masses, we must acknowledge advances in technology and adapt our own practice in ways that are relevant to the times.

Learning is an ongoing action that doesn’t just end at graduation. It’s important to take initiative and experiment with new technologies as opposed to choosing to ignore it. If you wish to see an updated video of the previous, check this out:

Something to note from the above video is that print media is slowly becoming obsolete. The web is a very powerful tool at your disposal. Embrace new media, don’t fight it.

The State of The Internet

JESS3 / The State of The Internet from JESS3 on Vimeo.

Created by JESS3, a studio that specializes in branding, interactive and information design. This video was created for a lecture in the AIGA Baltimore in Feb, 2010. This video looks at the current state of the internet by displaying facts and statistics. Aside from the interesting information, the graphics is also really nicely done.