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Lots of Illustrator tutorials, tips, and techniques. They're fun, useful, and easy to get. Check it out here .

Typographic Portrait

Using some simple photoshop tools, learn the basics behind creating an intricate portrait composed of typography. Here is the tutorial , however, improvements could be made upon it. If you find a better tutorial, or have any comments for this one, feel free to add them!
Here are some other directions one could go with a type portrait, including the style used in the Grammy's posters, highlighted below.
external image yorkegrammy.jpg


Tutsplus provides tutorials in photoshop , illustrator , photography ,computer graphics , after effects , and more. Not only do they provide free tutorials, they also post articles, interviews, and free downloads (like brushes, textures, vector packages, etc).
Check out the homepage here .


CSS Positioning =)

link or click:Screen_shot_2010-02-17_at_11.43.58_PM.png

Doctype Tutorial

HTML Tutorials

How to make a "fixed" background

A fixed background (for backgrounds of/with images) stays put as you scroll. Without this code, when the user scrolls, the background moves with everything else, not that that's a bad thing.
But if you want the fixed background here's the code from the w3schools website (as previously posted above under "HTML Tutorials") link

Image Rollover Code

Rollover Code

Links properties