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Tom Hingston Studio

I really like this agency's website. I was inspired by their simplicity and good design. The toggle effects of the accordion menu are impressive, as well as their work. Check it out.
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10 Principles of Effective Web Design

20 Do's and Donts of effective Web Design


Angelo Plessas


Angelo Plessas is a net artist. He creates really interesting interactive websites. His work is very similar to the work we did in Project 1, exercise 3. Check it out, it's really fun!


There all pretty cool :)


Mood Boards

very easy and fun to do! and also useful :D

Orba Squara
Orba Squara is a musician and this is his website documenting his trip across United States. It was designed by Random Collective. You have to scroll horizontally to see the entire journey and it is 430ft long (that's 86 of me ON A WEBSITE!).

Sagmeister Inc

Sagmeister Inc is a design company in New York. Their website is pretty original! Check out all their cool navigation techniques.

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some tips on navigation, not an awesome website but just something to look at.


Various Portfolio Sites
clean and minimal look for web design agency, not the food company
column grid layout, dark background
Unconventional layout and background, bright colours
Sketchbook treatment in background, horizontal javascript 'auto scroll' navigation

Smashing Magazine


link Navigation Trends
link Navigation showcase

link - Beautiful And Creative Portfolio Designs

link - Clear And Effective Communication In Web Design

link - Showcase Of Clean And Minimalist Designs

link - Good read - My Last Portfolio Sucked, Yours Might Too

Web Design Trends For 2009
An interesting article about the web design trends of 2009 (recent developments, new design elements and graphic approaches). They also discuss situations in which these trends can be used and present some beautiful examples.

Web Design Best Ideas of 2007

Wrangler Blue Bell

I wonder how the HTML doc would look like for this site!!! They used the click function to create something fun and interactive.Hover over would be even better, because than you would be just moving your mouse around and the guy would have to follow. It would make it less effortful I think!

I also really like the background music a lot :).

Webdesigner Depot

This is actually a really cool site and there are 30 Desktop and Office Themed Website Designs that I though may be helpful in coming up with ideas for our sites. enjoy! =]


Zhou Fan


Impressive work on an impressive portfolio site!

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